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  • Haruka was a plain otaku who was inspired to change her appearance by a popular manga “With You”
  • After working her way up, she became an editor and was luckily put in charge of her favorite mangaka
  • Haruka then discovers that her popular idol is not exactly the trendy mangaka she imagined


New manga editor Haruka has just been assigned to her favorite manga artist ever, Kuroi Ritsu. Kuroi-sensei's manga, "With You" motivated her to turn her life around. When she finally meets shut-in, mopey, entirely unfashionable Kuroi-sensei, Haruka is in for a bit of a shock.



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Published 2011
Serialization Tsubomi (Houbunsha)
Original Publisher Houbunsha
Last Updated Jun 14, 2018
Other names レンアイマンガ, Geliebte Mangaka, Love Manga, My Beloved Cartoonist and Clumsy Me., My Loved Cartoonist and Clumsy Me
Bonus Chapter 2 [End] Jun 14, 2018
Bonus Chapter Jun 14, 2018
Chapter 6 Jun 14, 2018
Chapter 5 Jun 14, 2018
Chapter 4 Jun 14, 2018
Chapter 3 Jun 14, 2018
Chapter 2 Jun 14, 2018
Chapter 1 Jun 14, 2018
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