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  • Skinny Attsu loves the chubby Ryou, and they both live together and enjoy each other's presence
  • Attsu loves sumo wrestling, but Ryou worries and thinks she's insulting her weight by watching it
  • A collection of stories featuring various stories between girls and how they make it all work


An eclectic collection of oneshots from Amano Shuninta. My Irritated Wife: A dog girl is worried over her (cat girl) wife's behavior. Mama Mama: Two women spend the morning taking care of their children. Le Petit Chaperon Rouge: Little Red Riding Hood is taking a trip through the woods to her grandmother's house, what happens after that is completely different than the versions you've heard before... In the Pool, OLs Around Thirty: Two OLs around thirty sit in a pool an a hot day.



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Published Dec 30, 2011 to May 5, 2014
Serialization None
Last Updated Jun 19, 2018
Other names Kemo Lily JK, Shiromuchi, Arasaa OL ga, Pool de., Akazukin, Mamamama, Sexy Kintarou, Around Thirty OL ga, Pool de., Iraira My Wife, BOMBSHELLS
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