Hidden Surface Town

Ongoing | 12 chapters
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  • Wei Sheng is a teenage girl who returns to her rural hometown after her hearing problems are fixed
  • She is reminded of a creature she befriended as a child by the handsome stage performer Bu Luo Xu
  • A supernatural romance about a formerly deaf girl and the now-human monster she met in her childhood


Returning to her hometown from abroad, 19-year-old Wei Sheng is living a normal rural life of a high schol student. With her hearing problem now fixed, she is now able to appreciate her neighborhood atmosphere as it has now flourished into a lively hometown. One night, she watches the handsome stage performer Bu Luo Xu, playing the role of a beast with many eyes. Wei Sheng remembers a similar creature she befriended in the forest during her childhood, and coincidentally has the same name. Wei Sheng thinks they are all just trivial things. Or is it?



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Published 2017
Serialization None
Last Updated Sep 06, 2019
Other names 蚁族限制令II隐面镇, Restraining Order of Ant 2: Hidden Surface Town, Yi Zu Xianzhi Ling II Yin Mian Zhen, Yin Mian Zhen