Sci-Fi Manga

Sci-Fi (short for science fiction) is a genre that showcases scientific and technological elements in its story. Machines and various kinds of technologies are staples of this genre. Most of the time, its focus is on the advancement and development of science and technology. That is why you’ll often find sci-fi combined with its complimentary genres – mecha and space.

Top Sci-Fi manga

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Danger Zone One

Ongoing, 0 chapters


Ongoing, 59 chapters


Ongoing, 52 chapters

Killing Bites

Ongoing, 78 chapters


Ongoing, 46 chapters

Chitei Ryokou

Ongoing, 25 chapters


Ongoing, 4 chapters

Jikan Teishi Yuusha

Ongoing, 5 chapters

War Machine

Ongoing, 6 chapters

Monster Kingdom

Ongoing, 16 chapters

Dr. Stone

Ongoing, 121 chapters

Fire Force

Ongoing, 239 chapters

My Hero Academia

Ongoing, 247 chapters

One Punch-Man

Ongoing, 159 chapters

The Promised Neverland

Ongoing, 137 chapters

Chong Sheng - Resurrection

Ongoing, 235 chapters

World Customize Creator

Ongoing, 80 chapters

Onepunch-Man (ONE)

Ongoing, 129 chapters

Iron Ladies

Ongoing, 328 chapters

Dragon Ball

Completed, 557 chapters

World Trigger

Ongoing, 185 chapters


Completed, 24 chapters

Terror Man

Ongoing, 159 chapters


Completed, 397 chapters

Dragon Ball Super

Ongoing, 51 chapters

Assassination Classroom

Completed, 190 chapters

Real Account

Ongoing, 92 chapters

Cage of Eden

Completed, 185 chapters

My Wife Is Wagatsuma-san

Completed, 111 chapters

Trinity Wonder

Completed, 104 chapters

My Monster Secret

Completed, 220 chapters

Air Gear

Completed, 361 chapters

Fire Punch

Completed, 84 chapters

Unknown Code

Completed, 83 chapters

Dusk Howler

Completed, 91 chapters

Kanojo ni Naru Hi

Completed, 21 chapters

My Hero Academia Vigilantes

Ongoing, 65 chapters

Oversimplified SCP

Ongoing, 159 chapters

Fullmetal Alchemist

Completed, 164 chapters

Astra Lost in Space

Completed, 49 chapters

Gin Tama

Completed, 707 chapters

Cheating Men Must Die

Ongoing, 172 chapters

Human Body Cultivation

Ongoing, 35 chapters

Onii-chan is Done For

Ongoing, 67 chapters

Vampire Sphere

Ongoing, 116 chapters

Tokyo Shinobi Squad

Ongoing, 14 chapters

Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection

Completed, 95 chapters

The Kingdoms of Ruin

Ongoing, 13 chapters

Girl and Science

Ongoing, 53 chapters

Land of the Lustrous

Ongoing, 97 chapters

Battle Frenzy

Ongoing, 25 chapters

Battle Angel Alita

Completed, 61 chapters

EDEN (Tsuruoka Nobuhisa)

Completed, 22 chapters

World's End Harem

Ongoing, 92 chapters

Winner Takes All

Ongoing, 114 chapters


Completed, 85 chapters

Divine Realm

Ongoing, 18 chapters

Hokuto no Ken

Completed, 245 chapters

Gunnm: Last Order

Completed, 124 chapters

1000 Yen Hero

Ongoing, 29 chapters


Completed, 145 chapters

Space-Time Prisoner

Ongoing, 66 chapters

City of the Dead Sorcerer

Ongoing, 178 chapters

The Case Study of Vanitas

Ongoing, 42 chapters

Fort of Apocalypse

Completed, 49 chapters

The Path of Murder

Ongoing, 9 chapters

Dimension W

Ongoing, 111 chapters

Kiss x Death

Ongoing, 83 chapters


Completed, 83 chapters

Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou

Ongoing, 182 chapters


Completed, 385 chapters

I Am Not A Goddess

Ongoing, 15 chapters

Azur Lane: Queen's Orders

Ongoing, 69 chapters

Karakuri Odette

Completed, 35 chapters

Spider-Man: Fake Red

Ongoing, 4 chapters

Girls' Last Tour

Completed, 49 chapters
1-84 of 1,200 item