School Life Manga

While school is originally just a setting, there are countless of manga that uses it as such, warranting it to become a successful genre. School life manga are shows that are set in a school setting. It’s the school which is the most important factor for this genre. So, if the school is the primary setting of the story (or even secondary), then it’s a school life manga.

Top School Life manga

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Haru (Oneul)

Completed, 7 chapters

Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu.

Ongoing, 307 chapters

Ura Account Jyoshi

Ongoing, 7 chapters

Kusozako Choroin Nishiga Hachi

Ongoing, 4 chapters

Pierced Okayama

Ongoing, 2 chapters

A Succubus Yuri Story

Ongoing, 19 chapters

Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai!

Ongoing, 74 chapters

Mikansei Demo Koi ga Ii

Ongoing, 5 chapters

Houtou Musuko to Koi no Ana

Ongoing, 3 chapters

The Female God of Babel: K

Ongoing, 8 chapters

Kuro Homura no Sen Otom

Ongoing, 6 chapters

Kanojo mo Kanojo

Ongoing, 48 chapters

Yankee JK Kuzuhana-chan

Ongoing, 40 chapters

Hatsukoi to Taiyou

Ongoing, 6 chapters

Please Go Home, Akutsu-san!

Ongoing, 63 chapters

Sayonara Peter Pan

Ongoing, 16 chapters

Two Souls To You!

Ongoing, 6 chapters

Oh My Ghost

Ongoing, 11 chapters


Ongoing, 119 chapters

Tennen Gyaru Kawaguchi-san!

Ongoing, 11 chapters

Giri-Giri Saegiru Katagirisan

Ongoing, 35 chapters

Super School Doctor

Ongoing, 2 chapters

Unconquered Uniform Girl

Ongoing, 1 chapters

Hahazuka San Wo ×× Ni Shitai

Ongoing, 1 chapters

Otome Kaijuu Caramelize

Ongoing, 20 chapters

Iwa kakeru! -Climbing Girls-

Completed, 5 chapters

Versatile Mage

Ongoing, 234 chapters

My Hero Academia

Ongoing, 247 chapters

The Quintessential Quintuplets

Ongoing, 126 chapters

Cultivation Chat Group

Ongoing, 150 chapters

Soul Land II

Ongoing, 222 chapters

The Boy in the All-Girls School

Ongoing, 183 chapters

Please Don't Bully Me, Nagatoro

Ongoing, 74 chapters

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma

Completed, 332 chapters

Kaguya-sama: Love is War

Ongoing, 187 chapters

Miracle App Store

Completed, 50 chapters

We Never Learn

Ongoing, 137 chapters

Tomo-chan Is a Girl!

Completed, 768 chapters

Boarding School Juliet

Completed, 122 chapters


Ongoing, 106 chapters


Ongoing, 404 chapters


Ongoing, 121 chapters

Here U Are

Ongoing, 117 chapters

19 Days (Old Xian)

Ongoing, 306 chapters

Diamond no Ace Act II

Ongoing, 212 chapters

Eiyuu Kyoushitsu

Ongoing, 23 chapters

The Eminence in Shadow

Ongoing, 28 chapters

Black Haze

Completed, 230 chapters

Yancha Gal no Anjou-san

Ongoing, 71 chapters

Nisekoi: False Love

Completed, 231 chapters


Ongoing, 179 chapters

That Girl Is Not Just Cute

Ongoing, 81 chapters

Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan

Ongoing, 250 chapters

The Breaker: New Waves

Completed, 203 chapters

Mousou Telepathy

Ongoing, 648 chapters

Skip Beat!

Ongoing, 280 chapters

Gal Gohan

Ongoing, 66 chapters

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka

Completed, 208 chapters

My Dress-Up Darling

Ongoing, 52 chapters

Domestic Girlfriend

Ongoing, 257 chapters
1-84 of 4,478 item