Josei Manga

Josei is actually a demographic but is also considered as a general genre in manga. It’s a genre that specifically targets female viewers around the age range of 18-40. With that age range, the manga here are depicted in a more mature light usually with very realistic romance and less-dreamy, less-idealized portrayals.

Top Josei manga

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Ou-sama ni Sasagu Kusuriyubi

Ongoing, 36 chapters

The Deserted Woman

Ongoing, 157 chapters

My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Ongoing, 95 chapters

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Ongoing, 81 chapters

Reluctant To Go

Ongoing, 83 chapters

Arrogance and Romance

Ongoing, 163 chapters

Ghost Wife

Ongoing, 95 chapters

Perfect World (Rie Aruga)

Completed, 44 chapters

Cheating Men Must Die

Ongoing, 172 chapters

Romantic Marbling

Completed, 74 chapters

Baby Dragon Sitter

Ongoing, 8 chapters

It’s Too Sick To Call It Love

Ongoing, 16 chapters

Please Love the Useless Me

Completed, 44 chapters

Time Lover

Ongoing, 135 chapters

Spirit Fingers

Ongoing, 77 chapters


Ongoing, 221 chapters

Otome Youkai Zakuro

Ongoing, 82 chapters

Princess Jellyfish

Completed, 93 chapters

Soul Mates

Completed, 51 chapters


Completed, 58 chapters

The Bestselling Empress

Ongoing, 15 chapters

From Nightmare To Love

Ongoing, 21 chapters

Love Deficiency

Completed, 42 chapters


Completed, 21 chapters

Before Love Kills Me

Ongoing, 15 chapters

Unlucky Mansion

Ongoing, 46 chapters

Just One Smile is Very Alluring

Ongoing, 50 chapters

The Wolf Lord's Lady

Ongoing, 9 chapters


Completed, 61 chapters

Watashi-tachi no Himitsu Jijou

Ongoing, 19 chapters

The Moon that Rises in the Day

Ongoing, 152 chapters

Walkin' Butterfly

Completed, 19 chapters

Koudai-ke no Hitobito

Ongoing, 22 chapters

Barbaric Husband Gently Loves

Ongoing, 13 chapters

Curse of Spring

Completed, 9 chapters

Yonimo Fujitsu na Piano Sonata

Ongoing, 6 chapters


Completed, 102 chapters


Completed, 159 chapters

You're My Pet

Completed, 82 chapters

Feverish Atmosphere

Ongoing, 25 chapters

The Lion and the Bride

Completed, 13 chapters


Ongoing, 145 chapters

Uramichi Oniisan

Ongoing, 24 chapters

Happy if You Died

Completed, 66 chapters

Bunny Drop

Completed, 64 chapters

Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms

Ongoing, 24 chapters

We Broke Up

Completed, 46 chapters

Devils and Realist

Completed, 103 chapters

The Office Blind Date

Ongoing, 5 chapters

Trap of the Goddess

Ongoing, 15 chapters

Madoka's Secret

Ongoing, 3 chapters

Kimi wa Kyoukon

Ongoing, 2 chapters

Boku no Orion

Ongoing, 13 chapters

Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu.

Ongoing, 17 chapters

Promise Cinderella

Ongoing, 2 chapters


Ongoing, 32 chapters

Pink Lady

Completed, 75 chapters

Switch Witch

Ongoing, 44 chapters

Spicy Pink

Completed, 12 chapters

Bokura no Kiseki

Ongoing, 107 chapters

Dear, Only You Don't Know!

Ongoing, 106 chapters

You Loved Me

Ongoing, 30 chapters

Consumua and Sudutist!

Ongoing, 64 chapters


Completed, 5 chapters

Sereila of Silver

Ongoing, 9 chapters

An Exorbitant Wife

Ongoing, 10 chapters
1-84 of 898 item