Adventure Manga

Adventure as it stands by itself is about traveling and undertaking an adventure in a certain place or around the world (which may sometimes escalate to the whole universe or even to the other dimensions). In this genre, the main characters don’t usually stay in one place, but instead, ventures into several different places usually with a goal in mind (e.g. searching for treasure, exploring some new place, defeating a heinous villain, saving the world, etc.). Adventure manga are so broad and flexible that these shows usually can stretch to hundreds of chapters as well as mix-and-match with every other genre.

Top Adventure manga

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Danger Zone One

Ongoing, 0 chapters


Ongoing, 59 chapters

Maou-jou de Oyasumi

Ongoing, 181 chapters

Solo Leveling

Ongoing, 65 chapters

Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari

Ongoing, 74 chapters

Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

Ongoing, 96 chapters

Holy Guardian Tiger

Ongoing, 12 chapters

Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de

Ongoing, 59 chapters

S Rare Soubi no Niau Kanojo

Ongoing, 27 chapters

Ninkyou Tensei

Ongoing, 4 chapters

Meshia no Tettsui

Ongoing, 8 chapters

How to Be God

Ongoing, 109 chapters

Ryuu to Yuusha to Haitatsunin

Ongoing, 4 chapters

Isekai Meikyuu de Harem o

Ongoing, 29 chapters

Rebirth: City Deity

Ongoing, 103 chapters

Immortal Nanny Dad

Ongoing, 45 chapters

Peerless Ancient

Ongoing, 12 chapters

Chitei Ryokou

Ongoing, 25 chapters

Return of Immortal Emperor

Ongoing, 44 chapters

Yuusha ga Shinda!

Ongoing, 209 chapters

Isekai teni, Jirai-tsuki.

Ongoing, 4 chapters

Maou No Utsuwa

Ongoing, 1 chapters

Mushoku Tensei - Roxy is Serious

Ongoing, 23 chapters

FFF-Class Trashero

Ongoing, 52 chapters

Yari no Yuusha no Yarinaoshi

Ongoing, 24 chapters

Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?

Ongoing, 40 chapters

Ihoujin, dungeon ni moguru.

Ongoing, 4 chapters

Isekai bishoujo juniku ojisan to

Ongoing, 38 chapters

Jikan Teishi Yuusha

Ongoing, 5 chapters

Heterogeneous Linguistics

Ongoing, 21 chapters

Solo Login

Ongoing, 30 chapters

World Tattoo

Ongoing, 16 chapters

Genius Doctor: Black Belly

Ongoing, 31 chapters

Kuro Homura no Sen Otom

Ongoing, 6 chapters

Kamisama ni Kago 2 Nin Bun Mo

Ongoing, 4 chapters

Time Stop Brave

Ongoing, 16 chapters

Isekai NTR

Ongoing, 3 chapters

Oh My Ghost

Ongoing, 11 chapters

The Second Coming of Gluttony

Ongoing, 17 chapters

Dead Company

Ongoing, 1 chapters

Mo Shou Jian Sheng

Ongoing, 6 chapters

Nidome no Yuusha

Ongoing, 11 chapters

Return of the Avenger

Ongoing, 10 chapters
1-84 of 2,289 item