Top Akio Itou manga

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Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Ongoing, 131 chapters


Completed, 159 chapters

Captain Tsubasa: World Youth-hen

Completed, 65 chapters

Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002

Completed, 149 chapters

Futari no Renai Shoka

Completed, 14 chapters

My Heavenly Hockey Club

Completed, 56 chapters

Liar x Liar

Completed, 79 chapters

Sore O Koigokoro To Yobu No Nara

Completed, 5 chapters

Even So, I Will Love You Tenderly

Completed, 7 chapters

Brynhildr in the Darkness

Completed, 183 chapters

Gokujou no Koibito

Completed, 22 chapters

Gamble Fish

Completed, 170 chapters

Tokyo Girls Destruction

Completed, 15 chapters

Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho

Completed, 15 chapters
1-14 of 14 item