Top Akiha Toono manga

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Hinowa ga CRUSH!

Ongoing, 22 chapters

I Hear the Sunspot

Ongoing, 28 chapters

Today's Cerberus

Completed, 65 chapters

Kyou no Yuiko-san

Completed, 48 chapters


Ongoing, 114 chapters

Captain Tsubasa

Completed, 115 chapters

Shinigami x Doctor

Completed, 13 chapters


Completed, 47 chapters

Franken Fran

Completed, 68 chapters

Kamisama, Kisama wo Koroshitai

Completed, 29 chapters

Tensai Family Company

Ongoing, 54 chapters

Wild Fangs

Completed, 8 chapters


Completed, 59 chapters

Freezing: First Chronicle

Completed, 4 chapters

No One Loves Me

Completed, 10 chapters

Freezing: Pair Love Stories

Completed, 12 chapters

CUT (Touko Kawai)

Completed, 6 chapters
1-20 of 20 item