Top Ace manga

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Fire Force

Ongoing, 239 chapters

One Piece

Ongoing, 910 chapters

Dungeon Seeker

Completed, 33 chapters

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Ongoing, 38 chapters


Ongoing, 213 chapters

Attack On Titan

Ongoing, 133 chapters

Prison Lab

Ongoing, 44 chapters

Dragon Ball

Completed, 557 chapters

Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun

Ongoing, 69 chapters

The Legend and the Hero

Completed, 182 chapters

Yuan Zun

Ongoing, 67 chapters


Completed, 194 chapters

Love So Life

Completed, 111 chapters

Air Gear

Completed, 361 chapters

Mission of Love

Completed, 92 chapters

Kiss Him, Not Me

Completed, 55 chapters


Ongoing, 428 chapters

Rave Master

Completed, 328 chapters

Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection

Completed, 95 chapters

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Ongoing, 4 chapters


Ongoing, 76 chapters

As The God's Will: The Second Series

Completed, 186 chapters

Goblin Slayer

Ongoing, 40 chapters


Completed, 42 chapters

My Little Monster

Completed, 52 chapters


Completed, 204 chapters


Completed, 35 chapters

Ahiru no Sora

Ongoing, 200 chapters

That Wolf-Boy Is Mine!

Completed, 19 chapters

Samurai Deeper Kyou

Completed, 308 chapters

½ Prince

Completed, 81 chapters

Miss Komori Can't Decline!

Ongoing, 66 chapters

The Unfeeling Me

Ongoing, 57 chapters


Completed, 133 chapters

No Longer Heroine

Completed, 42 chapters

As Miss Beelzebub Likes

Ongoing, 40 chapters

Ookii Onnanoko wa Suki desu ka?

Ongoing, 42 chapters

Boku no Ie ni Oide

Ongoing, 9 chapters


Ongoing, 73 chapters

The Prince’s Romance Gambit

Ongoing, 20 chapters

Rosario to Vampire (Season 1)

Completed, 42 chapters

Scum's Wish Décor

Completed, 7 chapters


Completed, 247 chapters

Boku Girl

Completed, 111 chapters

Fate/strange Fake

Ongoing, 16 chapters

Golden Kamui

Ongoing, 230 chapters

B Gata H Kei

Completed, 316 chapters


Ongoing, 87 chapters

Life So Happy

Ongoing, 16 chapters

Himananode Hajimete Mimashita.

Completed, 7 chapters

Ghost Hunt

Completed, 12 chapters

Obaka-chan, Koikatariki

Ongoing, 38 chapters

Boku wa Ookami

Completed, 20 chapters

Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo

Completed, 18 chapters

Chi's Sweet Home

Ongoing, 104 chapters


Ongoing, 151 chapters

Love Sick

Completed, 18 chapters

Jigoku Sensei Nube

Completed, 127 chapters

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Completed, 66 chapters

Ah! Itoshi no Banchou-sama

Ongoing, 34 chapters

Fairy Tail Zero

Completed, 13 chapters

Ookiku Furikabutte

Ongoing, 152 chapters

Captain Tsubasa

Completed, 115 chapters

666 Satan

Completed, 77 chapters

Dr. Slump

Completed, 236 chapters

Shaman King: Flowers

Completed, 30 chapters


Ongoing, 66 chapters

Akumu no Sumu Ie - Ghost Hunt

Completed, 23 chapters


Completed, 26 chapters

Kurogane no Linebarrel

Completed, 127 chapters

Mars (Fuyumi Souryo)

Completed, 15 chapters
1-84 of 193 item