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She made her debut in September 2003 in the monthly manga magazine Nakayoshi with her story, Tenshi no Tamago ("Angel's Egg", no relation to the anime movie of the same name). Gokkun! PÅ«cho is considered her best representative work. Tokyopop has licenced it under the title Pixie Pop. Almost all of her works are published by Kodansha. Square Enix, Houbunsha and ASCII Media Works have published works by her, and they are enjoyed mainly by preteen and teen girls through she have made Manga under the demographics Seinen and Shounen. None of her series have yet become anime.

Top Ema Toyama manga

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Shiraishi-kun's Classmates

Ongoing, 7 chapters

Demon Fist Daydreamer

Ongoing, 39 chapters

The Unwanted Immortal Adventurer

Ongoing, 22 chapters

Mission of Love

Completed, 92 chapters

Of course, I'll claim Palimony!

Ongoing, 14 chapters

Winner Takes All

Ongoing, 114 chapters

Mizutama Honey Boy

Completed, 65 chapters

Royal Agent

Ongoing, 5 chapters

Shomin Sample

Completed, 91 chapters

Soul Mates

Completed, 51 chapters


Completed, 21 chapters

Just One Smile is Very Alluring

Ongoing, 50 chapters

Aoba-kun's Confessions

Ongoing, 35 chapters

Vampire Dormitory

Ongoing, 4 chapters

The Climber

Completed, 170 chapters

The Wallflower

Ongoing, 136 chapters

Uramichi Oniisan

Ongoing, 24 chapters

Hello World

Ongoing, 2 chapters

Hazuki Kanon wa Amakunai.

Completed, 38 chapters

Freezing - Full Color

Ongoing, 17 chapters


Ongoing, 13 chapters

Innocent (SAKAMOTO Shinichi)

Completed, 99 chapters

Powerful Juvenile King

Ongoing, 4 chapters


Ongoing, 226 chapters


Ongoing, 6 chapters

Attack on Titan: Before the Fall

Ongoing, 69 chapters

New Danganronpa V3 Comic Anthology

Completed, 17 chapters

Fukujuu Toshi

Ongoing, 3 chapters

The Thief and the Jewel Girl

Completed, 1 chapters

Dolls Frontline Comic Anthology

Ongoing, 17 chapters

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou No Sho

Ongoing, 10 chapters

Rust-Eater Bisco

Ongoing, 3 chapters

Saint Seiya Episode G: Assassin

Ongoing, 109 chapters

Manga Dogs

Completed, 45 chapters

Does the Flower Blossom?

Completed, 37 chapters

Mizutama Puzzle

Completed, 3 chapters

Kabe ni Mary.com

Ongoing, 14 chapters

Saint Seiya Episode G

Ongoing, 70 chapters

Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Completed, 12 chapters

The Wicked Queen

Ongoing, 2 chapters

Fox and Pancake

Ongoing, 8 chapters

Aflame Inferno

Ongoing, 50 chapters

Chikan Otoko

Completed, 23 chapters


Ongoing, 28 chapters


Completed, 5 chapters

I Am Here!

Completed, 21 chapters

Joshi Shougakusei Hajimemashita

Ongoing, 54 chapters

By My Side

Ongoing, 6 chapters

Alice in the Country of Hearts

Completed, 37 chapters

Kindan no Koibito

Completed, 5 chapters

Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous

Ongoing, 30 chapters

Onanie Master Kurosawa

Completed, 32 chapters

Bird Fandom

Ongoing, 3 chapters

Uchi no Darling Gaikokujin

Completed, 7 chapters

Neo Parasyte f

Completed, 15 chapters

Little Witch's Collier

Completed, 17 chapters

Innocent Rouge

Ongoing, 72 chapters
1-84 of 197 item