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He was an American web-based animator and writer. A self-taught animator, he scripted and produced several crossover fighting video series, drawing the attention of internet production company Rooster Teeth, who hired him. There, he provided custom animations for Red vs. Blue, and created the original animated series RWBY. Oum attracted attention within the gaming community after releasing the hit video Haloid in 2007 on GameTrailers, which a Destructoid article called "the most interesting Halo-related fan movie in existence".The video has received more than 4 million views and is the most watched user-created content on the site In October of the same year, he released the first video in his Dead Fantasy fan series which, like Haloid, featured fantastical combat sequences between characters from two different established games series (this time Dead or Alive and Final Fantasy). He released five episodes of Dead Fantasy, a preview of an additional episode and two music videos featuring the heroines of the series. After Oum announced that he had started working for Rooster Teeth, the series was put on hold. Oum suffered a severe allergic reaction during a medical procedure and fell into a coma on January 22, 2015.

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Completed, 164 chapters

The Heroic Legend of Arslan

Ongoing, 74 chapters

Silver Spoon

Ongoing, 129 chapters

Ugly Duckling

Ongoing, 52 chapters

RWBY: The Official Manga

Ongoing, 9 chapters

RWBY: Official Manga Anthology

Ongoing, 23 chapters


Completed, 12 chapters

Yin and Yang Master

Completed, 8 chapters

Chou Kochikame

Completed, 5 chapters

Juushin Enbu

Completed, 21 chapters

Living Like a Flower

Completed, 18 chapters

Ugetsu Monogatari

Completed, 3 chapters

Hyakushou Kizoku

Ongoing, 14 chapters

Shanghai Youma Kikai

Completed, 3 chapters

Stray Dog

Completed, 1 chapters
1-16 of 16 item