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Ongoing, 25 chapters


Completed, 8 chapters

My Pathetic Vampire Life

Completed, 15 chapters

Yuri Hime Wildrose

Ongoing, 73 chapters

Adult Women Don't Try Too Hard

Completed, 1 chapters


Completed, 5 chapters

Yaba Koi -Ikenai Honnou-

Ongoing, 3 chapters

Girls Love

Ongoing, 15 chapters

Tokyo Undead

Completed, 14 chapters

Domina no Do!

Completed, 41 chapters

Hatsukoi Kouzoushiki

Ongoing, 5 chapters

Ayame 14

Ongoing, 10 chapters


Ongoing, 8 chapters

Chocotto Sister

Completed, 71 chapters

Slayers: The Road of the Ring

Completed, 1 chapters


Completed, 1 chapters

Yukemuri Sanctuary

Completed, 7 chapters

Shin Slayers: Falces no Sunadokei

Completed, 4 chapters

Sweet Guilty Love Bites

Completed, 3 chapters
1-21 of 21 item